Powertech Core Drill 162D


Part Number: PCD-162D
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Powertech Core Drill 162D

The Powertech Core Drill 162D is a commercial grade heavy duty 3 speed 2200W core drill capable of dry and wet drilling, German design and technology, D designed handle for easy operation and can be used portable or mounted up to 202mm. Smart LED indicator light for warning of overload and easy carbon brush replacement. The heavy duty 3 speed gearbox allows for better flexibility in coring different diameter holes and concrete grades.

Perfect for a range of construction, pool fencing, plumbing, electrical, gas installation and building applications. capable of coring into concrete, asphalt, masonry, brick walls and stone. Can also be partnered with a range of core drill stands, vacuum pumps and bases currently on the market or our Powertech Core Drill Stand 252. Heavy duty construction but simple to use with minimal maintenance required. Protective carry case included.

Core Drill Main features:

  • 3-speed Gear Regulation: Three operating speeds for different core drilling diameters. No load speed 650RPM - 202mm, No load speed 1300RPM - 102mm, No load speed 2600RPM - 62mm.
  • Electronic Smart Control: Our motor is equipped with Soft Start, PRCD and Overloading protection. Soft start helps the motor start slowly and then reach no load speed in a few seconds.
  • External Carbon Brushes: No complex replacement of carbon brushes, our carbon brushes are inserted in the shell for easy change out.
  • KHGEARS Gears: Polished gears with high abrasive resistance provide better cooling and increase motor durability.


Current10A 15A
Frequency50HZ 60HZ
Max Portable Drilling Diameter162 mm
Max Drilling Diameter with Stand202 mm
No load speed650/1300/2600 RPM
The Portable Drilling Diameter of 1,2,3 Gear162 mm / 82 mm / 42 mm
The Drilling Diameter with a stand of 1,2,3 Gear202 mm / 102 mm / 62 mm
Spindle thread1-1/4" UNC & 1/2" G
N.W7.8KG 7.9KGS
Drill Stand for OptionPCD-162
Packing List635*460*215 mm


Note: Core drill bits and stands sold separately.


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