35L Portable Water Tank – Rechargeable


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35L Portable Water Tank - Rechargeable

35L Portable Water Tank - Heavy Duty trolley mounted water tank ideal for cleaning equipment and dust suppression while completing concrete or DIY work. Fitted with an electric pump powered by a rechargeable lithium maintenance-free battery.

Suitable for use with...

  • Concrete grinders/Polishers
  • Concrete saws
  • Concrete scarifies
  • Demolition saws
  • Cut off saws
  • Core drills
  • Brick saws
  • Tile saws



Weight:20kg (empty)
Capacity:35L Shock resistant & robust polyethylene tank
Power:12V Maintenance-free lithium battery 17AH
Pump:FLO-2202A 12V 2.6A - internal filter
Flow Rate:5 levels - 4.0L/min max
Pressure Cut Off:70psi
Usage:7 hours (full charge)
Outlet:Standard garden hose (6m hose included)
Display:Built-in voltage and flow gauge
Wheels:Pneumatic 2.50-4inch


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