Post Hole Diggers

  • Powertech Honda Post Hole Digger V1

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  • Powertech Honda Post Hole Digger V3

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  • Dual spiral auger for Powertech Machinery Honda powered post hole diggers.

    Earth Auger Bits

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  • Auger extension bars for all Powertech post hole diggers.

    Auger Extension Bars

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  • Spare damper spring for Powertech augers and post hole diggers.

    Auger Damper Spring

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  • Replacement auger blades that suit all Powertech Machinery earth augers.

    Tungsten Auger Blades

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  • Auger shear pin clip to suit all Powertech augers.

    Auger D Clip Shear Pin

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  • Honda power equipment engine oil.

    Honda Power Equipment Oil

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  • Genuine Honda fuel container 5 litre.

    Honda 5LT Fuel Container

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The Benefits of Honda Post Hole Diggers

Our comprehensive range of Honda Post Hole Diggers are specialised tools for creating holes in the ground, usually for installing signs, fence posts, or planting trees.

There are several benefits of using Post Hole diggers, some of which include:

Precision and Consistency

One of the most notable benefits of using our Honda Post Hole Diggers is the precision they provide. Whether installing a fence or setting up a mailbox, Post Hole diggers ensure you get uniform holes every time. This consistent depth and width are crucial for structural stability and professional appearance.

Efficiency and Time-Saving

Manual digging with a shovel is time-consuming and tiring, especially when you need multiple holes. Post Hole Diggers, whether manual or powered, are explicitly designed for this purpose. They allow users to dig holes quickly, drastically reducing the time and effort needed for a project.

Ergonomic Design

Honda’s range of Post Hole Diggers is designed with ergonomics in mind, with the handles shaped and spaced to provide a comfortable grip – reducing the strain on the user’s hands, wrists, and back.


Honda Post Hole Diggers can be a cost-effective tool in the long run, considering the amount of time and effort saved. Instead of hiring a professional or renting heavy machinery for a simple digging job, a Post Hole Digger can be a one-time investment that can serve you well for multiple projects over the years.


Post Hole Diggers aren’t just limited to digging holes for fence posts. They can be used for various tasks, such as planting large plants or creating outdoor structure footings. This versatility makes them valuable and indispensable for any DIYer, as well as tradesmen and commercial operators.

Post Hole Diggers FAQs

How deep can a Honda Post Hole Digger dig?

The digging depth varies on the specific model and type of auger used. Most standard models can dig up to 2-3 feet deep, but some specialised extensions allow the post-digger to dig deeper.

How do I maintain my Honda Post Hole Digger?

Regularly check the engine oil, clean or replace filters, replace the auger blades as necessary, and keep the machine clean from debris and dirt. Refer to your user manual for detailed maintenance instructions for your specific model.

What fuel does the Honda Post Hole Digger use?

Our post hole diggers are powered by genuine Honda GX50 4-stroke engines which run on unleaded petrol.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my Honda Post Hole Digger?

Yes. We supply all replacement parts for our Honda Post Hole Diggers. Be sure to visit us in-store or online for a complete list of products.