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Champion is renowned as a top manufacturer of small engines and the #1 selling generator brand in the USA.

Generators FAQs

What Types Of Generators Does Champion Manufacture?

Champion manufactures various generators, including portable generators, inverter generators, and specially designed generators for camping and RV use.

What Distinguishes An Inverter Generator From A Standard Portable Generator?

Inverter generators are typically quieter and more energy-efficient than standard generators. They are perfect for powering sensitive electronics, producing a cleaner power output, free from voltage spikes and drops.

Are Champion Generators Easy To Operate?

Yes, Champion generators are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They typically include easy-to-understand control panels, and many models come with electric start capabilities for ease of use.

What Kind Of Fuel Do Champion Generators Use?

Depending on the model, Champion generators may use petrol, diesel, or propane gas. Some models are dual fuel or tri-fuel, providing added flexibility in fuel choice. Currently, only Champion’s petrol generators are available on the Australian market.

Are Champion Generators Safe To Use?

Yes, Champion generators have safety features like overload protection and low oil shut-off. Users must always follow the included instructions to ensure safe operation.

Can Champion Generators Be Used For Camping And RV Use?

Absolutely! Our range of Champion generators are specially designed for camping and RV use. These models are compact, lightweight, and optimised for quiet operation, making them perfect for outdoor adventures.