Powertech Honda Post Hole Digger V3

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Part Number: PPHD-V3
WARRANTY:Engine: Honda 3-year nationwide

Gearbox Internals & Frame: 2-year parts warranty

SHIPPING:Australia Wide


POWERED BY A GENUINE HONDA GX50SSE4 4-STROKE ENGINE – We chose the Honda GX50SSE4 (Side Exhaust) because of it’s specially designed exhaust port which prevents exhaust gas inhalation. Our machines are designed with safety in mind by positioning the exhaust port at the furthest point from the operator and ejecting exhaust gases parallel to the ground and directly opposite the operator.

Honda Australia Approved
Honda 3 year Warranty
Powered By Honda


(100mm & 250mm Dual Spiral Augers included)

Post Hole Digger V3 - Honda GX50 4-Stroke

The Powertech-designed and built V3 model is fitted with an advanced external safety clutch lever gearbox and wider frame design than our other models. It's commercial grade and a must have for any tradesmen, commercial operator or DIYer. Built for Australian conditions, this unit has had numerous hours in the hands of fencing contractors, builders and farmers who seriously test its capabilities. In the end, it stands alone in the class of Post Hole Diggers. Designed tough and rugged with a wide set frame to give the operator leverage and allowing the unit to dig even in the hardest of grounds, if you are in the market for a serious Post Hole Digger, you can't surpass the V3!

This unit makes the time-consuming and challenging job of digging holes quicker and easier to minimize the back-breaking work while also increasing your efficiency. Fitted with features like the external safety clutch lever gearbox makes this unit one of the safest and easiest Post Hole Diggers to handle on the market and helps minimize auger lock-up if you were to strike any foreign objects in the ground.

POWERED BY A GENUINE HONDA GX50SSE4 4-STROKE ENGINE - We chose the Honda GX50SSE4 (Side Exhaust) because of it's specially designed exhaust port which prevents exhaust gas inhalation. Our machines are designed with safety in mind by positioning the exhaust port at the furthest point from the operator and ejecting exhaust gases parallel to the ground and directly opposite the operator. Honda's GX50 general-purpose engine expands our Mini-Four Stroke line up with a model that offers high output and outstanding performance.

Capable of performing in demanding commercial and rental applications with excellent fuel efficiency and reliability. The GX50 is the first Honda four-stroke model in the two-horsepower class that is 360-degrees inclinable during operation and storage.



  • The Rolls Royce of Post Hole Diggers!
  • Rigorously tested in Australian conditions.
  • Ideal for Landscaping, Fencing, Builders and Farming.
  • Powered by the Genuine Honda GX50 Side Exhaust 4-Stroke engine. Max Power: 1.47kw@7000rpm 2.2Nm@5500rpm
  • Heavy-duty commercial-grade gearbox.
  • Single or dual-person operation.
  • External safety clutch lever gearbox to avoid dangerous auger lockup.
  • 360-degree inclinable operation.
  • Comfortable rubber hand grips.
  • Multiple dual spiral auger sizes are available 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm & 300mm.
  • Optional shaft extensions 300mm, 500mm and 1000mm.
  • Tungsten replaceable tips


Demo Video: Powertech Honda Post Hole Digger V2/V3

13 reviews for Powertech Honda Post Hole Digger V3

  1. hubert88

    Very happy with this machine I use very regularly and hasn’t missed a beat,huge bonus having wider auger sizes then others,will be looking into other machinery by Powertec in future
    Cheers Hugh HJC carpentry

  2. bill

    A great unit. Easy to start with plenty of power. Great customer service!

  3. Anthony Vogrig (verified owner)

    Added oil and fuel, started first pull and every time since. Perfect for the job. Those Honda motors prevent a lot of angst.

  4. joshy.cowton18

    Recieved my digger from Jamie! This thing is unreal, I’ve gone through multiple diggers being a fencing company and with this Honda engine I’m hoping this will be the last, blown away by how quiet it is and the engine power with the 250mm augur on it. Just purchased the 200mm augur and extender bar seperate also 🙂

  5. cameron.blain02

    I bought this post hole digger to install a retaining wall. I had 17 holes to dig in wet clay and it performed brilliantly. I have since used it to put up posts for a fence. I definitely recommend this Post Hole Digger.

  6. Simon Forge

    This post hole digger has been a great addition to our business. It has proven to be helpful on sites with tight access that doesn’t allow larger machinery in – This machine has saved our team manually digging. So far we are impressed with the machines capability.

  7. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great tool. Time saver. The business owner is focused on customer service and is easy to contact. Honda motor is easy to start and uses next to no fuel. Only thing I’d change is maybe an exhaust diverter so it blows away from the operator. These tools can be dangerous so the safety cutout bar really does save you getting knocked around. Glad I bought it.

  8. Joel

    Best one man auger we have used (have tried half a dozen of various makes and models). Super reliable, strong and the clutch is a terrific safety feature which not all augers offer. Jamie is terrific to deal with and very knowledgeable with the unit.

  9. Mark Roberts

    Bought a V3 auger 3 months ago. Very pleased with my purchase. Starts first go is powerful and quiet. Plus the owner is great to deal with.
    Highly recommended!

  10. Nigel

    As a contractor I’ve upgraded from the v1 to the v3 frame & it has withstood some brutally tough work.
    This is a great piece of machinery for contractors, land owners & quite a few trades.
    The team at Powertech I will highly recommend for their support & professionalism & they offer great well designed products

  11. Dylan Wallace (verified owner)

    This machine is the smoothest post hole digger I’ve used. I would highly recommend the safety clutch, it has saved me a few times when drilling and hitting rocks.

    Good company to deal, happy with my purchase.

  12. Matthew Anderson

    Awesome piece of equipment, always starts first time, plenty of power highly recommend. Used it in coffee rock, and sand defiantly has some power.

  13. Tim Koops (verified owner)

    This machine is well built and has plenty of grunt for its weight. Easy to start and reliable so far. No dramas operating it solo.

    Great support from local company as well. Fast delivery.

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