Auger D Clip Shear Pin


Part Number: DCSP-001
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Auger D Clip Shear Pin

An auger shear pin is a small, durable metal component designed to protect auger systems from damage caused by excessive force or obstructions. Augers are commonly used in various applications, such as agriculture, construction, and snow removal, to move materials like soil, grain, or snow.

The auger shear pin is typically inserted into the auger shaft or flighting, connecting it to the driving mechanism, such as a motor or power take-off (PTO). Its primary function is to act as a sacrificial part that breaks or shears under high stress or when the auger encounters a solid object or jam. By doing so, the shear pin prevents more severe damage to the auger system, such as bending or breaking the auger shaft or damaging the power source.

When the auger encounters an obstruction or excessive resistance, the shear pin will break, disconnecting the power transmission between the driving mechanism and the auger. This disconnection prevents further force from being exerted on the components, protecting them from potential damage. After the shear pin breaks, it can be easily replaced with a new one, restoring the auger's functionality.

Auger shear pins are typically made from strong metals, such as hardened steel, to ensure they can withstand the forces involved in auger operation while still breaking when necessary.

Overall, the auger shear pin is a crucial safety feature that helps protect auger systems from costly damage and promotes efficient and reliable operation.


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