Powertech Core Drill Stand 252


Part Number: PDS-252
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Powertech Core Drill Stand 252

This Powertech Core Drill Stands Ideal for plumbing, mechanical and electrical construction, civil engineering and landscape construction. The PDS-252 is a versatile stand ideal for handheld and rig-mounted drills. With high performance and capability, it makes for the best choice among many core drill stands.

This pro rig Core Drill Stand is fixed to the ground by setting tools and has stable performance even with heavy loads. Compatible with a full range of Core Drill brands currently on the market this unit is best suited to our PCD-162D.

The PDS-252 is easily assembled and with two built in spirt levels produces extremely accurate core drilling.

Main features:

  1. Adjustable column: tilt capability with scale up to 45 degrees.
  2. Motor mounted easily: quick-release clamp bracket and motor plate for easy instalment of the drilling motor.
  3. New material for carriage: the carriage is made of AZ91D Magnesium alloy, and the inner roller is alloy.
  4. Easy adjustment: an automatic spring back inside for easy adjustment bars.
  5. "One for all" crank handle: as a 13mm wrench, the multi-purpose handle can be used to adjust screws for levelling.
  6. Aluminum column and steel teeth: to decrease the weight of the core stand but keep its durability. We use a different material to maximize its performance.
  7. Tool-free carriage lock lever: It uses precision roller guidance with fine adjustment.



Art number1070252
Max.ø concrete252mm
Travel length580mm
Mountingø60mm bracket, 60mm motor plate
Packing Size1045*230*455mm
Wheels kitsIncluded


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