Powertech Honda GX50 Construction Peg Driver


Part Number: PCPD-50
WARRANTY:Engine: Honda 3-year Nationwide

Unit: 1-year parts warranty

SHIPPING:Australia Wide


POWERED BY A GENUINE HONDA GX50 4-STROKE ENGINE. – Honda’s GX50 general-purpose engine expands our Mini-Four Stroke line up with a model that offers high output and outstanding performance. Capable of performing in demanding commercial and rental applications with excellent fuel efficiency and reliability. The GX50 is the first Honda four-stroke model in the two-horsepower class that is 360 degrees inclinable during operation and storage.

Honda 3 year Warranty
Powered By Honda


The Powertech Honda GX50 Construction Peg Driver is a multi-purpose tool designed for driving any stakes or construction pegs into the ground. Capable of driving through the hardest of ground this unit is perfect for installing concrete forming board pegs/stakes and removes the back breaking work of swinging a sledge hammer. Designed to fit a large range of attachments this unit can also be used to drive pilot holes for road signs, delineation markers and even used as a portable jack hammer when power is not located close by!

The Honda GX50 4-Stroke engine gives the Powertech Construction Peg Driver its supreme punching power and reliability. Engineered with an oil and grease lubricated gearbox and piston housing this unit is build to last and requires minimal maintenance.

The kit includes a transport stand, 30mm driving adaptor, 60mm driving adaptor and a pointed chiesel.



  • Capable of driving metal or wooden stakes, pins & pegs.
  • Powered by the Honda GX50 4-stroke engine.
  • Max Power: 1.47kw@7000rpm 2.2Nm@5500rpm
  • Impact energy: 25-60J
  • Hydraulic oil & grease lubrication.
  • Unit weight: 20kg
  • 360-degree inclinable operation.
  • Top mounted handles for easy operation.
  • Transport fame included
  • 30mm & 60mm driving adaptors
  • Pointed Chiesel


Demo Video: Powertech Honda GX50 Construction Peg Driver


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