Powertech Honda 3″ Water Trash Pump


Part Number: PTWP30
WARRANTY:Engine: Honda 3 year nationwide

Pump: 1-year parts warranty

SHIPPING:Australia Wide
Honda 3 year Warranty
Powered By Honda


Rugged, Reliable, Ready

Powertech Machinery are excited to introduce a stalwart line of Honda Powered Water Trash Pumps designed to tackle the most demanding clean-up tasks. Equipped with the strength to move heavily laden water easily, these pumps are a combination of Honda’s commitment to performance and Powertech Machinery’s dedication to delivering top-notch equipment.

Power Through Any Challenge

Our Honda Powered Water Trash Pumps set the industry's standard for flow and pressure. With the ability to move up to 750LPM, these pumps are powerful and proficient, ensuring that even the most formidable tasks are completed swiftly and easily. The engineering prowess of Honda guarantees performance that can conquer substantial head heights and maintain consistent pressure, which is critical for applications such as high-volume water transfer and swift dewatering in emergencies.

The metrics speak volumes, but the real-world application truly defines these pumps. Whether you’re dealing with aftermath floodwaters or transferring large volumes in industrial settings, our pumps deliver. The high-performance thresholds mean you can rely on these pumps for routine tasks and when the unexpected demands immediate and effective action.

Superior Durability and Fuel Efficiency

At the core of every Powertech Honda Water Trash Pump we offer the renowned Honda GX200 4-Stroke engine. A powerhouse of reliability, this engine is engineered to last, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be durable. The GX200 is well-known for its ability to endure the rigours of heavy use, all while maintaining fuel efficiency that keeps running costs low. This means improved operational efficiency and less pausing for refuels, essential when time is critical.

Fuel efficiency does not come at the expense of power. The GX200 delivers consistent, robust performance that you can depend on, hour after hour, day after day. This unwavering reliability makes Honda engines the choice of professionals who demand the best. With these engines designed with longevity in mind, you’ll find that they require less maintenance over their lifespan, saving you time and money.

Designed for the Field

Our Honda Water Trash Pumps are built with the realities of the field in mind. Weighing in at a manageable 48kg and encased in a protective steel frame with rubber feet, these pumps are designed for stability and ease of transport. This thoughtful design allows for two people to easily move the pump to where it's needed most, ensuring that you can respond to any situation swiftly.

The convenience of setup is just as essential as portability. Our Honda pumps are designed to be user-friendly from the ground up, allowing for quick assembly and connection so you can get to work without delay. The steel frame protects the pump during transit and provides a sturdy operating base that reduces vibration and enhances operational stability, even in the most rugged environments.

Leave No Debris Behind

The ability to handle solids is critical in a trash pump and is something that the Honda models excel at. With 3" suction and discharge ports, these pumps can manage solids up to 35mm in diameter. This robust capability ensures that debris, pebbles, and other particulate matter are moved efficiently, preventing clogging and maintaining a steady flow. With this feature it makes these pumps versatile tools for various challenging environments.

Construction sites, agricultural operations, and flood relief efforts often involve moving water that contains more than just liquid. Our Honda Water Trash Pumps are up to the task, giving you the assurance that when the water needs to be moved, it can. The tough internal impeller and volute are constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, ensuring that the pump internals withstand the abrasive nature of debris-laden water.

Built to Endure

Every component of our Powertech Honda Water Trash Pump is chosen for its strength and longevity. The housing is crafted from cast alloy, providing a tough exterior that can withstand the inevitable knocks and drops in demanding work environments. Internally, the heavy-duty cast-iron impeller and volute are designed to endure without compromise, giving you a pump that’s strong and durable.

When you choose a Honda Water Trash Pump from Powertech Machinery, you’re choosing a pump that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. This dedication to quality and durability makes our pumps a wise investment for anyone who needs reliable water removal, even when faced with the most challenging conditions.

Pump specifications

Inlet inside:80mm/3.0inch
Outlet inside:80mm/3.0inch
Lift H.max:25m
Displacement:750 LPM


Engine specifications


Engine model:GX200
Net Power:4.2KW/3600rpm
Fuel Type:Unleaded
Fuel tank capacity:3.6L
Oil Type:Honda 10W30 4-Stroke
Oil Capacity:0.6L
Starting System:Recoil start
Chock Type:Manual Lever


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