The PCD-352 diamond core drill motor is our largest commercial grade unit capable of drilling up to 402mm in reinforced concrete with rebars. With German design and technology this rig-mounted model is a serious bit of kit when paired with DSP-352 Core Drill Stand. This unit also contains a LCD display for temperature, current, voltage, overload protection and carbon brush replacement.


Main features:

1. 3-speed Gear Regulation: Three operating speeds for different core drilling diameters. No load speed 350RPM - 400mm, No load speed 700RPM - 200mm, No load speed 1100RPM - 100mm.


2. Electronic Smart Control: Our motor is equipped with Soft Start, PRCD and Overloading protection. Soft start helps the motor start slowly and then reach to no load speed in a few seconds. 


3. External Carbon Brushes: No complex replacement of carbon brushes, our carbon brushes inserted in the shell for easy change out.


4. KHGEARS Gears: Polished gears with high abrasive resistance provides better cooling and increases motor durability.


5. Mounting holes distance 79 x 41mm: This is a standard size for most leading core drill brands in Europe. Our core drill motor (stand) can be used with other Europe brands without changes.





Voltage 220V                                     
Current/Frequency 15A / 50Hz                                      

The Drilling Diameter of 1,2,3 Gear


No load speed

350/700/1100 RPM

Max.ø concrete


Spindle thread

1-1/4"  UNC



Drill Stand for Option DSP-352 
Packing List 635*460*215mm


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